Jay Wolf

Jay Wolf is a sculptor, author and illustrator working in Jersey City, New Jersey. (Pronouns are she/her or they/them.)

Cohost of the podcast Mad Writers Union. 

Viable Paradise alum.

Submissions Editor @ Uncanny Magazine.


For ten years, Jay was the materials technician for a Manhattan art shop. A significant portion of the day involved educating the general public on the safe, controlled uses of hazardous chemicals and sharp implements.

Now, they divide time between disciplines: writing, illustration, costuming, sculpture, mold-making and casting, and other freelance art and creative projects.

At present, Jay is not a space pirate, but spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about what it’d be like. And, thanks to Viable Paradise, it feels less weird to go through the compulsive drive to write down all that space pirate stuff.


Need to reach me? Until I get my contact form sorted out, feel free to reach out via email to jay at jayxwolf dot com and I’ll be in touch shortly!